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The Merge of Brilliance

Yibo Zheng, Jason Lu and Ross Williams are student leaders from RoboGrinder, a 70+ member Virginia Tech robotics team. Yibo and Ross are the co-heads of membership for RoboGrinder, and together keep the team organized and diversified.

Morisu Ota and Stephen Liss are students from Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business. They were selected by the Apex Center of Entrepreneurship to consult with YiPay as catalyst associates.

Ivan Lewis is a student leader in the VT Entrepreneurship Club as a flagship events director and also studying under Pamplin.

Ross and Ivan have been involved with YiPay actively in the past and we are looking forward to them joining officially in the future when they graduate.

Origin Story

RoboGinder was founded in 2015 with 8 members. The team was established to participate in a competition hosted by DJI called RoboMaster. Since 2016 the team went to the grand finals of the competition in Shenzhen, China and nowadays we rank No. 1 in the North American region. The team had grown to 23 members, and then reached 50+ members in the fall of 2018.

Currently, RoboGrinder has over 70 students and we’re preparing for the 2019 ICRA Competition in Canada. Jason Lu was one of the original 8 members, the sub-team lead of the Computer Vision branch. Ross Williams joined the team later in 2017 and worked in the Mechanical branch. Yibo Zheng became a team member after the grand finals of 2018. As we working together, making the team more prominent at Virginia Tech, we have built trust, unity, and brotherhood. Our parent company, Yindividual LLC is not just for two or three of us, it is a plan for the future of the RoboGrinder family.

Beta Version 1.0

We brought the Beta 1.0 to local vendors and listened to what they thought about YiPay Rewards, all the feedback has been positive and vendors are excited to implement the technology.

While customers are happy and we’re discovering what our customer segments care about, we’ve been busy working on getting Beta 2.0 of the device and back-end software rolled out.

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YiPay Rewards is one of the startup projects of Yindividual LLC